• We are looking for UNSOLICITED scripts. Please do not submit scripts that have already received a professional production (i.e. been performed for more than a week’s run in a professional venue, for a paying audience). Plays that have undergone R&D or an amateur production shorter than a week still qualify. 

  • We are looking for full-length plays (i.e. 40 pages minimum, 30 pages minimum for a monologue).

  • We are looking to read plays, radio plays or musicals. Please do not send us screenplays, novels, adaptations, or poetry collections. 

  • We are only looking to read one submission per writer. If you have several in the pipe-line, send us the one you think we’ll like the most! 

  • Similarly, we are unable to read redrafts of plays we have already responded to. 

  • Your play must be a horror play and fit with characteristics of the genre. 



  • All scripts should be sent through to contact@dansemacabreproductions.co.uk 

  • We only accept scripts as a PDF or Word document.  

  • Please include your FULL NAME and the PLAY’S TITLE in the file name.

  • In your email, please include a short paragraph about yourself and a brief indication of how long you have been working on the script e.g. Is this a first draft? A final draft ready for production? Etc. 

  • The service is completely free! There is no charge when you submit your script.



  • When you submit your play, you will receive an email (within a two-day window) acknowledging our receipt of your script. 

  • All submitted scripts that meet our criteria will be read by our readers. 

  • Two readers will read your script individually and each construct feedback independently to one another. This enables us to offer two completely different assessments of your work!

  • You will then receive an email with both pieces of feedback within four weeks.