“Fear is the highest fence” - Dudley Nichols

Fearless is Danse Macabre’s script reading service.

We’re looking to read unsolicited scripts from theatre writers working in the horror genre. Whether it’s a rough first draft that you want to improve or a final draft that you’re ready to share with the world, we want to read it. We strive to offer in-depth feedback to each and every writer who contacts us.

By engaging with your scripts, we are hoping to start conversations with exciting new writers so they feel encouraged to see their stories through from script to stage.

Sending your script to strangers can be daunting but, rest assured, our aim is to empower you as writer. All scripts will receive:

  • A short paragraph summarising our general impressions.

  • A page of written feedback discussing the finer details.

  • Recommendations for any plays, films, books etc. that may offer inspiration.

And it's all FREE!